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SC Johnson Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning BzzReview

I have received another great BzzKit from BzzAgent. As some of you may know, I am a member of and receive products and coupons, often for free and in return I express my thoughts, on these products, by Word of Mouth and also through Facebook, Twitter and Blogger.
This BzzReview is on SC Johnson Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning. I have five easy to use products that I would like to talk about. So let's get started!
The first product that I tried out was the Glade 4oz Jar Candles. This Limited Edition candle scent is Sparkle of Spring, a zesty lime, ginger and vanilla scent. When I first smelled this candle, I thought that it smelt of flowers and it also has a very clean smell. This candle is not overpowering, but will leave every room in your house smelling of spring!
There is a claim that this candle will burn for up to 22 hours, but I only made it to 12 hours and is almost all gone. Additional scents from this product includes Bringing on the Blossoms and Jump for Joy.
The second product that I tried out, was the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel. This product comes ready to use with a holder, which includes 6 gel discs and a disposable dispenser.
I received the Fresh Clean scent. It is the typical clean smell of most household cleaners. When I opened up to package, I put together to holder and dispenser, until I heard the click of the first hole of the holder. After that, I pressed the dispenser up against the toilet bowl and then pressed the button until it made it to the second hole. I released the dispenser from the bowl and found the gel sitting in place on the bowl.

I rent my house and before I moved in, the toilet of this house was pretty bad looking. I have gotten it as clean as I can, but it still looks horrible. Because of this, I did not take a picture of the gel disc in my toilet.
What whiteness I did have in the toilet bowl, the gel really did a number and kept those areas clean! The claim for the toilet cleaning gel is that each disc last up to 7 days. It held up nicely and lasted for about 8 days before I applied another disc!

The Scrubbing Bubble Toilet Cleaning Gel is also available in these scents; Fresh Mountain Morning and Citrus.

The next product I used was the Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer. Now with new and improved formula made with Extend-A-Clean technology, which keeps showers and tubs cleaner for four days and leaves behind a great shine!

I shook the container as it say to do, before using the foamer. Sprayed the foam 12-15 in away from the tub and let it set for 3 minutes!
Below are pictures of my dirty tub and the bubbles doing their part!

After leaving the tub for 3 minutes, I went back in and used a hand towel to get the really grimy residue off of the tub and afterwards, rinsed away the foam. The results were quite amazing, maybe because I ran out of tub cleaner and it had been grimy for about 2 week before using Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer.
Below is a picture of my clean and shiny bathtub!
Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer completely cleaned my bathtub, foamed up beautifully, removed all of my soap scum and residue and left my tub as shiny as ever possible!

The last product that I was happy to try out was the Pledge Lemon Clean. I am sure that everyone has used or heard of this product. I personally remember my mother using this product on our wood furniture and the scent really takes me back to that time in my life.

Dust, shine, protect and keep your home livably clean with Pledge Lemon Clean.I don't believe it completely shined my wooden nightstand, but it did clean and removed dust and dirt! Below are the before and after pictures!

The pictures above do show visible cleanness and in the after picture you can see some shine. I felt that this product could have done a better job at shining the wood. But, I am still satisfied with how clean and dust free my nightstand is!

Glade Sparkle of Spring 4oz Jar Candle: 4 star rating!
  • Pros: Smells great, Not overpowering, great size.
  • Cons: Will only last for about 16 hours or so.
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel: 5 star rating!
  • Pros: Smells wonderful and clean, easy to put together and use, one disc last for over 7 days.
Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer: 5 star rating!
  • Pros: Smells great, Foams up beautifully, Completely cleans tub.
Pledge Lemon Clean: 4 star rating!
  • Pros: Lemon Scent smells amazing, cleans very well.
  • Cons: Didn't shine wooden nightstand like I thought it would.
I did also receive a Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refill, which I cannot use until I buy the holder for it. I will tell you a little bit about this product though, I was sent the fragrance Crisp Waters. The fragrance doesnt fade for 60 days, on the lowest setting. Lastly, this refill fits both Glade and Air Wick Scented Oil Warmers.

Thanks to BzzAgent for allowing me to try out and review the SC Johnson Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning products.

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